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12 Jun

TWTTEOSB 06-12-07

I managed to stay the entire day at work today, even though my coughing kicked up this afternoon that I thought was going to take my breath away. Still… after that 10 minute period was over, I had a productive rest of the day. I’ll be giong to bed early tonight, I feel, just so I can get some additional rest.

Grilled up a sirloin roast today that was… yummy. 🙂 it was done medium on the outside, rare on the inside, but perfect to be reheated without it being overcooked. Tomorrow, I go get my hair cut, and if I don’t have the breathing problems, I’ll be going to mom & dad’s to use their treadmill. I miss working out and look forward to getting back into it.

I spoke with Coffeemate this afternoon; we may be able to have coffee on Friday, which would be mega nice. I always enjoy talking with him. Java ain’t bad either.

Wal-Mart was in the final stretches of their renovations (40 more days to go!)

I found out that Jolt now comes in a “Silver” to make the “Blue” (the silver is Lemon-Lime, while the blue is raspberry) can more approrpriate. It also comes in Cola (Jolt Red), Cherry (Jolt Cherry Bomb), and Energy (Joly Ultra). Unfortunately, they don’t make their White Grape any more.

Anyone else excited about the new Disney/Pixar moving coming out?

With that, I bid you good night. I have a pillow and a blanket calling to me from upstairs.

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