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09 Jun

TWTTEOSB 06-09-07

Well. I’ve spent the entire DAY under the quilt with my head pounding, unable to breathe much.

Tink’s flight had to be rerouted and instead of coming in Norfolk just about now, she’s flying in Newport News and comes in 2 hours later. I’m sure she’ll fill you in on all the wonderful goodness she experienced in New York. We all need vacations away from our daily norm — thank you, Revog, for everything you do, not just for Tink, but for me and every one else. You’re appreciated more than we let you know.

PR’s down in Elizabeth City, still doing yard work on his house down there. Not much going on with his family (no catastrophes to mention of).

Let me say one thing: I am SO SICK of hearing about Paris “I’m a rich Whiny Bitch” Hilton and her escapade with her jail. I will state that I am glad the judge didn’t cave in to her “medical condition” (I mean, if you’re not going to eat, that’s your call, but don’t think we’re going to send your sorry, skinny butt home to serve the rest of your sentence in luxury.).

Bone Collector is at a family reunion — I’m keeping her in my thoughts for safe travel.

Neil is due back at some point this weekend.

Angel with a Camera emailed me earlier in the week (and I responded) and she’s safely where she needs to be.

I also heard from Picture Lady who is having too deal with insurance adjusters, etc. due to having a pipe burst. My thoughts go out to you.

Ok, time to get moving. Daylight is burning.

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