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07 Jun

Coughin’ it up loudly

Well. PR’s got Bronchitis. Surprise, Surprise. The thing is, I probably have it too, but I’m not wanting to go to the doctor.

The room? 90% done. Well, the painting’s done (except the two windows and the door), the border is in place, the stereo is hooked back up, and so is the computer.

Speaking of the the computer being hooked back up, I did get out to purchase “The Technology EP” as I discussed earlier. It contains:

1. The Force of Gravity (BT Edit)
2. The Force of Gravity (Tiesto Remix)
3. The Force of Gravity (Dylan Rhymes Push Up Mix)
4. Superfabulous (Scott Humphrey Radio Mix)
5. Superfabulous (Compufonic 12″ Mix)
6. The Great Escape (Attention Deficit Mix)

The real reason I bought it was for track 1 (they’ve taken the 8 minute version which [to me] is two songs segued into one and remixed it so that part 2 is the chorus to the verses of part 1). I haven’t had a chance to listen to the rest of the songs, but for $5.94, how could I resist?

I had a listen, and LOVE it.

So, tomorrow, I get to scrub the floor in my room, put in the rug, move the bed back in, and then start the organization process. Huzzah. That won’t be too bad. The room looks WONDERFUL. I’ll have to take photos once it’s completed. There’s a few things that need to be hung on the walls, and I’m swapping a framed print at work for one that used to be in my room.

All this done just in time. Tink comes back on Saturday. I’ve got my bed stored in her room (as well as the new drycleaning). It will be nice to get back into my own bed and sleep.

Today was hosed for me, however. I didn’t work out because of this respiratory thing (I’m coughing enough the way it is, even after taking cough meds), and while I thought I had several nutrition bars at work I didn’t, so it ended up I had a energy shake for lunch, and when I finally got home, I was ravenous. Still, I managed an egg white omelet with turkey bacon on potato bread, so I didn’t blow it too badly. I guess I was just overly groggy when I left the house this morning. What can I say?

So, I just learned that once AGAIN, I’m not going to be able to participate in the Blogathon, as it falls on July 28, and I’m in Ohio visiting my grandmother. Still. I wouldn’t trade my grandmother for charity work. Sorry guys. Family first.

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