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07 Jun

Coughin’ it up loudly

Well. PR’s got Bronchitis. Surprise, Surprise. The thing is, I probably have it too, but I’m not wanting to go to the doctor. The room? 90% done. Well, the painting’s done (except the two windows and the door), the border is in place, the stereo is hooked back up, and so is the computer. Speaking […]

07 Jun

Yes, I am a happy man.

When I finally get my PC reconnected in my room (and it will happen sooner rather than later), one of the first things I have to do is hop up on iTunes and purchase The Technology EP by BT, which has the BT Edit and two remixes of what I consider to be one of […]

07 Jun

Lo, and it shall come to pass

that I shall have tomorrow and the following three days free of the burdens of employment. Yes, Gidgets and Moondoggies, Silver Blue is actually going to be on holiday. Of course, this does NOT mean time off, to be goofing around. It DOES mean, however, that I will be steadily working to set the room […]

07 Jun

Thank you Radioman, Thank you.

My cup is full of wonderful WaWa coffee. I owe it all to you today. I am not worthy. So, when are you going hi-speeed internet and need your wireless installed? I’m there for ya, bro!

07 Jun

Random thoughts in the morning

Neil really REALLY needs to activate Askimet spam protection for his blog. I’m getting notifications of trackbacks from when I guest blogged last year that are most certainly spam, but I can’t delete them. Bonecollector’s having issues with her vision (see the comments below on “Stolen from Lachlan”). I don’t know why it’s not working […]

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