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04 Jun

TWTTEOSB 06-04-07

Rejected title: This Ain’t The Jefferson’s, so why am I Wheezy?

Whatever chest cold I’ve got, it’s kicking my butt. The meds only work for short periods of time and then GONE.

Oh well, I’ll survive.

The room is REALLY looking good. The ceiling is 75% done; in fact, we’re down to the last corner (where the TV is) and then the majority will be completed. Still will have to put up the border, still will have to paint the main bedroom door. Probably will also have to paint both windows. But overall…

I’m loving the look of it, too.

I just need to get well so I can get more stuff done. Yeah, being that I’ve got a chest cold, I’ve held off from exercising today, which did NOT make me happy. I looked at it this way, however — given that I’m already having problems breathing, I would most likely only exacerbate the problem by pushing myself, and that wouldn’t serve any purpose.

How was your Monday?

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    Picture Lady Says:

    it sucked…Friday a pipe burst in my my kitched and my ceiling fell in the middle of my kitchen floor. stuff is crazy. There’s so much going on with this I can’t even type it all. I already got an upgrade two years ago on my kitchen now I’m getting a new one…again. I’m trying to work on other parts of the house. I can see the rafters to my roof in my kitchen!!No floor also. Sorry I haven’t called. This is truely…Survivor. D

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