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31 May

TWTTEOSB 05-31-07

As we wind the month of May up into a nice, neat package and store it away in the archives, let’s look back on what’s happened this month:

* I did a thorough cleaning of my room for the first time in years. Lots of stuff to charity, lots of stuff in the trash, lots of stuff.

* Spent a wonderful Mother’s Day with my mom.

* Saw their darling Miette through knee replacement (she goes for the other one in September).

* Purchased a new storage shed, grill, and paint for my room. Yep, it’s going silver and blue. I make no excuses. I like what I like.

* I continued on the weight loss program, which seems to be working.

* I turned 38. Tink, PR, and RadioMan made it extra special with a dinner the day after.

* I dined at my favourite non-chain Italian Restaurant down on the Oceanfront.

* I helped my parents get their 300 lb grill from Sam’s Club to their house.

* Maintaining working out at the gym/treadmill 5-6 times a week hitting the high points needed to push myself harder.

* Cleaned out the Kitchen cabinets, cleaned the utility room and reorganized.

* Obtained an upright freezer. Replaced the evaporator fan on same.

* Expanded my circle of myspace friends. (I’m SilverBlue1969 there.)

* Received great news from someone that Coffeemate is going to be back for the fall semester. This is yet to be confirmed by Coffeemate, himself, but it still made me quite happy.

* Sat with a friend in the ER as they tried to find out what was going on with vertigo and crap.

* May have found a source for the holy grail of Bosson CD’s: “New Millennium” — I’ll know soon.

* Reorganized my photo collection so that working on Book 2 will be easier to compose.

* Tried to talk common sense into someone regarding purchasing a neused vehicle. It didn’t work.

* Found out Angel With A Camera had a domestic situation that ended her marriage and is sending her back to Florida. :CRY: 🙁 I am SO not happy about that.

* Found that our Link-Lady (the distributor of our local free newspaper) is leaving next week because her husband has a job in Knoxville. You know it’s a friendship when you are on a first name basis, and are concerned about each other if days go by and you don’t see each other.

* Started my four day workweeks for the summer.

So, as you can see, there’s been a lot of things that have happened in May. Looking back on it, it doesn’t seem like it lasted long enough to have all this happen.

Thanks to all who helped make May great; let’s make June even better!

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    Bill Aggie Says:


    I’ve been thinking about some things and decided to make a gay equality reflective decal. I have some prototypes made up and want to send a few dozen to you after you see the decal online and give me a neg/pos feeling on it.

    These decals are a long shot, but I wanted to make a decal that cries for equality in all things for gays. No, you know I’m not gay, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking fairly, right, so with that said, I am either on track or off track….

    I’m going to post the decal image at the bottom most left corner of http://www.streetglo.net and ask that you have a look and let me know if you like it and if it is done properly. The decal is a simple illustration of balance and equality between the rights of the gay community and the conventional community. I’ve tried to make it open ended so that one who knows will understand and one who does not know will just not get it. I’m thinking of gay safety on the road so I’ve tried to not be black and white obvious although black and white is part of the color scheme.

    Kindly let me know by email if you like it and I’ll send over a few dozen for you to give out and get some input and comments.



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