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23 May

TWTTEOSB 05-23-07

Evening everyone. Pull up a keyboard and relax.

Maybe it’s me, but when I read the testimony from the Blondie who claimed the White House had had no conversations regarding the firing of lawyers, my first impression was “My God, tell me that everyone in power in DC isn’t a retard.” But then I recalled a saying that “birds of a feather flock together”. Of course, we later heard Shrub say that bin Laiden was responsible for attacks outside of Iraq. May I remind our esteemed leader of yet another story from my youth? It’s called “The little boy who cried wolf”. Wish I could say it’s been nice knowing ya, Prez, but it hasn’t been. Thanks for nothing. You, your staff, and your cronies are headed for the dustbin in history, and we can’t sweep your dumb ass there soon enough.

In other news, I don’t know who is more insane: the asshat who put his baby in the microwave, or the f*cktard who wants him AND the baby back. This, after she claimed the Devil made her husband do it. For the baby’s sake, I hope they lobotomize and castrate him, give her a lobotomy as well, and a hysterectomy so she can’t pump out any more offspring to be endangered, and put the child in a witness protection program.

Yeah, it appears the nation, no, the world, is overrun with people with substandard IQs. Unfortunately, we can’t blame it on No Child Left Behind. I just know that if there was such rampant stupidity when I was growing up, we didn’t hear about it as frequently.

Of course, when you get some skinny twit driving down Jefferson Avenue in Newport News with a bumper sticker that says “Go F*CK Yourself” (only the bumper sticker was uncensored), and three cops drove past her, you know that things are not what they used to be. Christ, I can remember when “Don’t like my driving? Call 1-800-EAT-SHIT” caused people to have conniptions.

I see, from a comment left on the blog, that Coffeemate made it back safely from the west coast. YAY! Welcome back dude, you’ve been missed.

Why can’t today be Thursday? Not that I’m trying to hurry my life away, but I’m off Friday and Monday, so… I want my weekend, and I want it NOW!

I tried a new machine at the gym tonight, a “glider” of sorts. My legs are feeling it. OWWWWW.

Dinner was a variation of the Honey Soy Chicken I posted earlier. Instead of making it in the oven, I made it in a wok, and I added mushrooms and carrots and left out the bell peppers. With a side of linguine. Fresh pasta is such a blessing. The mouthfeel is wunnderful.

I know that on my free-day this week, I will be dining at a Long John Silvers. There’s something about chicken and fish planks that I’m craving.

Do I care who wins American Idiot Idol? NO. I knew someone who used to take three hours to get themselves ready to watch the show, primping, grooming, etc. — even going so far as to iron their clothing before sitting down to watch the effin show. Excuse me, Super Buttnugget, but the people on the TV don’t give a rat’s patootie if you are well groomed, or naked and covered in buttermilk. Eww. That was a visual that I did *NOT* need.

So, I’m now 13 months smoke free, I’m down 36 pounds, what’s next? Well, believe it or not, boys and girls, ol’ Silver Blue is going to probably start cutting back on his caffeine consumption. Drinking more water and such. I’ve already reduced my red meat consumption to the lowest level in … my life … and as such, I will NOT be cutting back further there. I’m eating so many veggies that I’ve sprouted a cotton tail and my nose twitches. I do have more energy, however, and that’s a great thing.

BIG NEWS (well, not really, but I’m putting it here so that I don’t forget about it) — Newport News’ Greek Festival is May 31 – June 3. Yes, there’s a Sunday in there, but there’s a Friday evening as well, which is the last Friday Tink’s in town for a week, so we’ll probably go and get some baklava (which I’ll snarf on Sunday), and since the food is fresh, and such, that may be where dinner is on June 1. Of course, that’s also the ‘rents 39th anniversary.

Has anyone out there tried Photoshop CS3? Is it worth the upgrade from CS2? How about the “extended” version? I don’t do enough 3D rendering to justify it, I think, but I was wondering.

How was your hump day?

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