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14 May

TWTTEOSB 05-14-07

Pain. Between my shoulder blades.
Congestion. From the neck up.
Wooziness. All over the body.

That describes why there was no blogging today, nor morning cawfee, nor cawfee with Coffeemate (dammit! He’s leaving for San Fran tomorrow!), but after sleeping for almost 18 hours, I can say I feel I must be past the worst of it. It wasn’t a migraine, but more like a bout with spring flu. I managed to eat from time to time, but didn’t get my workout in today. I could have been stubborn and pushed myself, but I’m afraid I may have only succeeded in making myself more sick.

So, sleep I did. Rest, in giant portions. The occasional cup of shredded wheat with skim milk. Finally, around 5 I felt steady enough on my feet to put together a turkey meatloaf, and fortunately, I can say that everything is staying down.

Thanks to Picture Lady & Household Name for hosting last night’s Survivor finale — I’ve missed our “Therapy Thursdays” but was pleased to note they could see a difference in my appearance. Thanks to them also for something special they did, which is personal to me and I don’t feel the need to blog about it. Should one of them comment, that’s fine — but I have a heart full of joy right now.

The work on the house has slowed to a crawl due to Mother’s day and my being sick. Hopefully it’ll kick back up again shortly. There’s so much I want to do, but trying to (1) find time and (2) find energy…. let’s just say the end result is going to be wonderful.

Speaking of which, now that the house is becoming a home, I am looking into crossing yet another item off the list soon — #52 — hosting four different dinner parties at my house and use my china. Invites will be going out soon to a select set of people (Evil Grin).

Two more items are coming off the list soon, thanks to two sweet people who are (1) treating me to a pedicure (#56) and (2) a visit to a tanning salon (#65). More details as they happen. I know the pedicure will be Thursday, May 24. LOL.

Anyway, you all be good to one another; we’ll chat again later. Time to get a bevvie and get back in bed.

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