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14 May

TWTTEOSB 05-14-07

Pain. Between my shoulder blades. Congestion. From the neck up. Wooziness. All over the body. That describes why there was no blogging today, nor morning cawfee, nor cawfee with Coffeemate (dammit! He’s leaving for San Fran tomorrow!), but after sleeping for almost 18 hours, I can say I feel I must be past the worst […]

14 May

No cawfee, not feeling this way.

I’m home sick today, so blogging will be light to non-existent. I feel like a truck has run over me, and am going back to bed. One comment on the finale of Survivor — at least Dreamz wasn’t selected. I lost all faith in him when he went back on his word to Yau-Man. After […]

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