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12 May

TWTTEOSB 05-12-07

Well, if ever I needed confirmation that I am indeed making changes to my body that I cannot really see, I was given it today, while going through my closet and weeding out clothes that I haven’t worn in years (even though technically they would have fit the “old” sized me. I came across a pair of jeans that I know I haven’t worn in at least three years. They fit. Quite well, I might add. That both makes me feel good (because they’re a much smaller size) and bad (because I realize exactly how much further I have to go).

Cut Hell’s Half Acre today — decided I really didn’t want to have it hanging over my head on Mother’s Day, or into next week. Besides, the weather was BEAUTIFUL for it. Didn’t make it to the Art Show, however — Sorry, Radioman. I had all intentions of it, but between the workout this morning, cutting the grass, laundry, and continuing to work on the house, time simply has slipped away from me.

I’m due in Virginia Beach in an hour and a half (give or take) to dine with PR, his sister, and his Mother. Max & Erma’s is the restaurant of choice, so I’m getting ready to view the menu and see what I want that I should eat. Ahh. Found it. I’m going to have the “Hula Bowl”. I’ll let you know how it is when I get back.

Other than that, still trying to plan something for Mother’s Day. It’s hard to plan anything at the moment because mom doesn’t want to leave Miette by herself for too long, which I can understand.

Why is it, however, that now that things are beginning to go right, and look right in the house, that I’m finding it difficult to get a nap in? I lay down, close my eyes, but think of so many things I need (or want) to get done that … well, like today. Even after workout, lawn work, etc, I only was able to sleep for 30 minutes. I guess my body isn’t as tired as I think it is. Either that, or I need to have my head looked at. LOL.

I managed another first last night; I cooked my first pot of pinto beans from dried. Why is this notable? Well, I grew up with them being a staple around the house — both my mother and my grandmother made them with regularity. I’m somewhat humbled to say that I had to call my mother to find out how she cooks them. LOL. BUT — they’re healthy, a good source of protein and also can count as a veggie. GO ME!

I heard from HappyChef today — it appears that he’s going to leave the job of floating around in the water for extended periods (no, he is NOT in the Armed Forces) and settle down in a relationship in Los Angeles. Guess BBallDude knew something about it the rest of us didn’t when HE left CHK to move out there to be with his fiancĂ©. I wish HappyChef all the joy he can take — and then some. I know how he wasn’t looking for love, and then… LOL. Sometimes love decides for you.

Anyway, I’ll write more this evening, I promise. Out the door now.

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