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12 May

After Hours with Silver Blue™

The “Hula Bowl”? A MUST ORDER when you go to Max & Erma’s. MIxed greens topped with pineapple-soy mairnated chicken, mandarin oranges, grilled pineapple, tomatoes, carrots, and crunchy noodles with a fat-free honey mustard dressing. Simply put: TO DIE FOR. All for under $10. Got my Sperry Docksiders from Kohl’s afterward, then headed home. Am […]

12 May

A special prayer request

Moonglow’s nephew’s significant other’s daughter (see if you can keep that straight) is 6 years old and is having to undergo brain surgery to remove a tumour. Please keep her and her family in Cleveland in your prayers.

12 May

TWTTEOSB 05-12-07

Well, if ever I needed confirmation that I am indeed making changes to my body that I cannot really see, I was given it today, while going through my closet and weeding out clothes that I haven’t worn in years (even though technically they would have fit the “old” sized me. I came across a […]

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