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08 May

The Tuesday Ten™ 05-08-07

Inspired by Burying the Past, your wedding ring casket as seen over on Everything and Nothing.

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1. What’s the best reason for a divorce that you’ve heard?

2. The worst?

3. Is there a kinder, gentler way to end a relationship?

4. Have you ever felt “trapped” in a relationship? If so, how did you get out?

5. Is the institution of “marriage” overrated?

6. What’s your favourite food to snarf when your relationship is on the rocks?

7. Your favourite beverage?

8. When having relationship problems, do you want to watch comedy movies, or chick-flicks that make you cry?

9. How long do you think you should wait before entering the playing field again?

10. Ask me something.

2 Responses to “The Tuesday Ten™ 05-08-07”

  1. 1
    Coffeemate Says:

    Dunno if you want answers to these, but I’ll provide them anyway.
    1. That the dude is gay.
    2. That one of the partners gets “born again” and the sane one refuses to join up.
    3. Give a gift certificate with a monetary value provided for each month that the tragedy trugged on.
    4. Yes. I moved out.
    5. No, people maybe just need to not enter into it so lightly.
    6. Cheese straws.
    7. Vodka.
    8. I’d probably watch Schindler’s List.
    9. I never wait, but that’s because I’m a whore.
    10. Where can I get an inexpensive and classy slipcover?

  2. 2
    Silver Blue Says:

    Stein Mart is the place to look; or Linens & Things. As far as your response to #9, you get extra points for being brutally honest! 🙂

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