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08 May

After Hours with Silver Blue™

Evening everyone. How’d your day go? Mine was strange. Coffeemate’s no longer around to have Tuesday coffee with. 🙁 Still, he starts his internship soon, and that’s a good thing. People at work have started noticing how much weight I’m losing. I personally don’t think it’s that noticeable, but they do. 🙂 Miette made it […]

08 May

Afternoon Humour

Perhaps the best Blonde joke ever…. A blonde bought two horses and then had trouble telling them apart. She asked the farmer next door what she could do. He told her to cut one of the horses tail short and leave the other one long, so she did, and this worked for a while. Then […]

08 May

The Tuesday Ten™ 05-08-07

Inspired by Burying the Past, your wedding ring casket as seen over on Everything and Nothing. Leave your answers in the comments section, or on your own blog with a trackback here! 1. What’s the best reason for a divorce that you’ve heard? 2. The worst? 3. Is there a kinder, gentler way to end […]

08 May

With my morning cawfee…™

First off, please keep mom’s teacup chihuahua, Miette, in your prayers as she goes in for a knee replacement today. I’ll give you an update on it as I get them. If everything goes well, in five months she has to have the other one done. The weather is cool (52) and misty. Got to […]

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