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07 May

After Hours with Silver Blue™

Today was a day that started with promise and for the most part was good. Work was reasonable, and I went over to the ‘rents house to help them get a 230+ lb grill from Sam’s Club home and up on the deck. Then I walked home, feeling thankful for the exercise, but feeling blue. […]

07 May

Press release on “Titanic DNA” Watch

The “Titanic-DNA”; a high-end watch integrating real steel from the Titanic The “Titanic-DNA” watch contrains authentic parts of the Titanic ocean liner drawn from the ocean floor. It brings together material and spirit. Or perhaps one should say soul. This watch is part of the new “DNA of Famous Legends” collection that Romain Jerome presents […]

07 May

Photos don’t do justice…

most of the time. This is no exception. It’s got a brilliant sapphire stone, set in bright white gold. I thought it was unique, fell in love with it, had to have it. 🙂

07 May

With my morning cawfee…™

Wow. 50 degrees and windy as ALL get up and go. What a way to start the work week. Of course, since the furnace is turned off, it’s also slightly under 70 degrees in the house. I’m hesitant to turn it back on, however, as it will be back in the 80s by the end […]

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