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04 May

After Hours with Silver Blue™

Yipes! Where has today gone?

I can tell you. Other than the Doctor’s appointment, it was swallowed by cleaning up and out my room. I’m about 90% happy with it now, but it still needs work. The big thing is all the CDs. I need to buy a Jewel Chest to condense (and get rid of a lot of weight!) Of course, since they’re running 825.00 per 1,300 CDs, It’ll have to wait until a few other things around here get done. Still, The room hasn’t looked this good since… well, since I moved in in 1997.

My XM Radio is playing Elton John (The good thing about unearthing it was that I was paying $6.95 a month subscription and only listening online. I’m now able to listen on better speakers than the PC has.

Went and did the lower body workout, and made a great stir fry. Came back and did even more on the room, so now I think I’m set for a while. Of course….LOL. there’s laundry that’s being done.

How was your Friday? Did you do something special for yourself?

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    Ice Queen's Lady in Waiting Says:

    I totally missed you at the office on Friday. Not b/c I needed help with translating the MicroSoft Works document – (I finally figured it out and did it myself aren’t you proud of me?) but b/c sometimes it just helps to see your face and hear one of your comments…

    I made it through a rough w/e and now I am on the mend I think.

    Really just popping in to say “Hi” to my buddy.

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