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Archive for May 3rd, 2007

03 May

Grr! Truth Laid Bear can’t send me email!

I’m trying to recover my user id and password (or at least my user id) and guess what? Cox.net appears to have a block set to not let his email even get close to my inbox. I claimed the Body For Life blog that I have hosted here on thesilverblue.com as well, by creating a […]

03 May

With my morning cawfee…™

Hiya, people. Thursday morning on the Ramblings, it’s 16 degrees cooler than yesterday morning, and I’m somewhat awake after going to bed rather early during a thunderstorm last night. I’m sorry to see (from reading CNN this morning) our hometown favourite, Chris Richardson, has been voted off American Idiot Idol. I’m suffering from Reality Show […]

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