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01 May

TWTTEOSB 05-01-07

Happy May Day every one. It’s hard for me to conceptualize that 2007 is almost 1/2 over. Where has the year gone? Where has my sanity gone? Where has.. oh, never mind.

Today was a good day — the workout was good, and I pushed myself further then I thought I could make it on the evil elliptical machine. One thing’s for sure — if my body doesn’t change, it won’t be because of my not changing my diet or exerting myself in my exercises!

I read on CNN where Larry Burkhead (or whatever his name is) and Danielynn are safely in Kentucky. Good. Can they PLEASE now fade into obscurity? I’m as sick of that as I am of many other celebrities whom I’m supposed to care about. I mean honestly. I don’t give a skinny rat’s patootie what religion they subscribe to, who they’re boffing, or if they take their head off before they drink. Well, maybe the latter isn’t true. But you catch my drift. I’m concerned about my own life, and what *I* am doing in it to make a difference. What is it about celebrities who think that just because they make tonnes of money that it immediately makes them an expert on ecology, humanity, or the taste of ice cream?

Yeah, I’m a bit bitter today. Tink can tell you that, because of a conversation we had on the way home about how people can be so lazy that instead of walking something to someone in the same suite as they are, people are dropping stuff in the mail. Give me a break people! I thought we were supposed to be trying to save money, not waste it! Oh well, just goes to show that being conscientious doesn’t pay.

Another thing that’s gotten my goat right now are how fans of one musical artist can be so bitchy about others. I’m sorry, if Annie Lennox wants to put out an Duets album with Joss Stone, Kelis, P!nk, Celine Dion, Mary J. Blige, and Madonna, FINE. LET HER. Quit bitching about Madonna, or Celine, or how you can’t believe she’d stoop so low as to sing with someone so… whatever. Annie has been in control of her career long enough that if she wants to put out a duets album, believe me, she’s not going to sing with someone she doesn’t like or appreciate. I mean, hell, she could be on the next 50 Cent single, and as long as she wanted to do it, I’m a big enough fan to acknowledge that she’s doing what she wants. My advice to other fans: WAIT FOR THE ALBUM. It could be that, if all the rumours are indeed true, the songs are kick butt awesome. Annie’s at the point in her life where she’s making music on her terms. That is pleasing for her. Heck, she dumped Stephen Lipson (thank GOD) for Glenn Ballard as a producer. What were you expecting, that she’d hook up with Kylie Minogue’s producers and put out a dance record? Guys, she’ll be 53 on Christmas Day. She’s been doing this for almost 40 years. I’d trust her judgment, ok?

I note, with no interest, that the “temporary” site for the artist I used to do is still outdated, still saying copyright 2005, and still promoting concerts that occurred in March. I’m glad to no longer have to be jumping through those hoops. The former merchandise manager and I had some (IMHO) excellent plans for additions to the site, but we were fought tooth and nail every step of the way. Sorry, but Silver Blue only suggest something twice. If you’re that dead set against it (to the point where it’s been over two years since your “temporary” site went online because “your record company wanted to change the image”), then so be it. But don’t lie to me. I know your record company did want to do anything. It’s more than evident. Because if they truly HAD been wanting to make a change, you can bet your ass you wouldn’t still be sitting there with a temporary one page site up. That’s just one of many reasons why, after running an Unofficial site for a year, I decided to pitch it. Look for the YahooGroup to go next. There’s a way you treat your fan base, and a way you don’t. After 30 some years in the business, I’d hope you know which is which. Of course, I also feel that hope is severely misplaced.

I guess I’m just over the state of music today. No, I’d say I’m over the world today. Love most of you all, but some of you have got to go. Quit dancing on my last nerve in stilettos. Or expect me to yank one of those shoes off and cram it up your bum. Sideways.

Peace out for now.

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