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30 Apr

You think liberals are bad?

From CNN.com:

On Sunday, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Bush will not sign any war spending bill that penalizes Iraq’s government for failing to make progress.

Lacking the votes to override a veto, the Democratic-led Congress is considering a revised plan to pay for the war while requiring Iraq to meet benchmarks for progress.

“To begin now to tie our own hands — and to say ‘We must do this if they don’t do that’ — doesn’t allow us the flexibility and creativity that we need to move this forward,” Rice said.

I’m sorry, but the time has long been ripe for accountability. Just because the Bush Administration doesn’t feel the need to be held accountable for the mounting costs of the war, the rising death tolls, etc., is no reason why we should keep pumping funding into a country who isn’t making inroads into their own self-sufficiency.

I do not want to subsidize Iraq when they are not making progress.

Ms. Rice needs to learn the same thing the President is now learning: the times of being written a “blank cheque” are over. It’s a day of reckoning, and it is well beyond time for the “stay the course” to be abandoned. Our armed forces should not be dying in vain in a country that can’t even take care of itself.

I don’t support withholding money from our armed forces; I do support ending funding and occupation of a country that isn’t making headway toward standing on their own feet.

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