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29 Apr

After Hours with Silver Blue™

Well… what a day it has been. I’d certainly intended on blogging sometime this afternoon, but you know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men.

Went to church (the numbers in the congregation were a bit off today) and then out to lunch with Bone Collector. Had an awesome Sirloin Marsala at Carrabba’s. Of course, since it was my free day, I didn’t feel guilty about eating what turned out to be a double portion. It’s really interesting how you can tell these things after a while.

Returning home, I crashed out for an hour, after which I sort of felt guilty for wasting such a beautiful day, so since the neighbour had cut her lawn, I got out there and now Hell’s Half Acre is whipped back in shape (amazing how the grass can grow — I cut it six days ago!).

Dinner was at a new Chinese restaurant in Newport News. Maybe it’s growing pains, maybe we’re becoming epicurean with our tastes, but it didn’t stack up very well with what we’re used to experiencing. Everything was bland, from the Mongolian BBQ to the General Tsao’s chicken.

Bone Collector had some very nice things to say about the progress I’m making with Body for Life. Thanks, lady.

Tink took some photos of me tonight (I’m trying to have one taken a week so I can document the journey. Tomorrow night is the gym again and a lower body workout.

Not much else going on around the house. PR made it back from his long weekend in EC, where he’s going one-man commando on renovating the house by removing carpet, etc. Best of luck, guy. Hard wood floors are nice, but I think they’re all they’re cut out to be.

I’m tired…and so I’m going to go for the evening. I hope that you were able to relax a bit over this weekend, or at least I hope that you were able to do at least one thing that brought you joy. Sometimes, that’s more important than anything.

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