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28 Apr

After Hours with Silver Blue™

I really need to quit reading “Through The Eyes of Silver Blue” — I picked it up this evening and found another typo that will have to go on the errata page. In the BBS section, I mention that I was awarded BBS of the month by Mike Woltz, programmer of the Spitfire BBS program. […]

28 Apr

Do you cry your eyes asleep? Is it peace you seek at night?

Title from a song by BT, “Force of Gravity” which is hot on my MP3 playlist. Got a lot done today, which is a good thing. Morning workout, which next week I’ve got to remember to ratchet up, load of laundry, trip to Trader Joe’s (thank God for organics), Farm Fresh (salad bar bell peppers […]

28 Apr

With my morning cawfee…™

Calling out… Mister Barky Von Schnauzer! Mister Barky Von Schnauzer!!!! The closer we get to reunion time, the more people have emailed me. I’ve heard from (real names here, folks) John Lineberry, David Bennett, and Frederick Voss. I’ve heard from a few others over the years, but it’s been 20 years since I’ve heard from […]

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