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25 Apr

Ten Tangibles

Lifted from Pisco’s.

Taking up Pisco’s challenge I’m going to list 10 tangible things I wish I had. That is, no “world peace,” no “an end to hunger,” just 10 tangible things I’d appreciate.

I think the implied theme here is, “Be a little selfish.” Also, no wishing for more wishes or only using half a wish.

1. Voice lessons.
2. A music room in my house to play all my CDs (and to properly store them).
3. A winning lottery ticket for the next Mega Millions.
4. The power to win friends and influence people.
5. Zero consumer debt (including mortgage).
6. Bartending lessons.
7. Better self esteem; a better sense of self-worth.
8. Fashion sense.
9. Flash Language Programming lessons.
10. Proper digital photography lessons.

2 Responses to “Ten Tangibles”

  1. 1
    Angel with a camera Says:

    “i have one thing to say …you better work!”

  2. 2
    sharecropper Says:

    Ah, voice lessons. That’s a good one. And, if you had bartender lessons, you would automatically be able to win friends and influence people along with a better sense of self-worth. I’d just like to learn HTML, never mind Flash programming. Thanks for playing.

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