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25 Apr

Gotta love it

Thanks Angel with a Camera, for bringing this song back to mind. [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

25 Apr

Ten Tangibles

Lifted from Pisco’s. Taking up Pisco’s challenge I’m going to list 10 tangible things I wish I had. That is, no “world peace,” no “an end to hunger,” just 10 tangible things I’d appreciate. I think the implied theme here is, “Be a little selfish.” Also, no wishing for more wishes or only using half […]

25 Apr

A new fave song of mine.

Scissor Sisters with “Kiss You Off”

25 Apr

With my morning cawfee…™

You know it’s going to be a strange day when you can’t get to sleep until 1 am, and then you dream about having insomnia. Welcome to my world. I don’t know if it was being concerned about PR’s mom, or over exerting myself in my workout, or what, but I couldn’t sleep for more […]

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