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23 Apr

After hours with Silver Blue™

G’Evening, everyone. I’m finally getting a chance to kick back and relax after a day at work, an upper body workout at the gym (yes, I actually did it, and YES I am very sore), then I came home and bonked myself. Hell’s Half-Acre needed mowed, and since I refuse to pay someone $45 every […]

23 Apr

To care for others, you must care for yourself

One of the problems that a few people in my life have had since I started the Body For Life program is that I don’t have as much free time to throw around as I used to. Why? Because I’m putting myself first, for once. In fact, tonight, a full month ahead of my plan, […]

23 Apr

With my morning cawfee…™

Happy Monday to you all. It’s… WARM outside (58) and yesterday was absolutely beautiful weather wise. Of course, that means pollen has kicked up in a huge way, causing allergies to go off the meter. We’ll survive, heavily medicated, of course. Not too much going on this morning, aside from my trying to wake up […]

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