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21 Apr

TWTTEOSB 04-21-07

Afternoon everyone. How’s your weekend going? What a strange and wonderful day it’s been. Since we’ve last chatted, I’ve biked four miles, walked five miles, grocery shopped for the next week, made a wonderful smelling marinated chicken and vegetable salad (yeah, I actually used red wine vinegar, so I know Tink and PR are going to flip out, because they know how much I don’t like vinegar… even though I love pickles. Go figure!), given myself the spa treatment, and even found time to repack the freezer.

I know why I don’t like shopping at Warehouse Stores. I walked out with only half a cart, and a bill over $100. Let’s see, what did I buy? TP, which is a necessity. Toothpaste (no offense, Aquafresh, but you’re getting on my nerves, so I reverted back to Mentadent), which we won’t have to buy for the next six months (it’s six containers). Frozen boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Boca burgers (hey, you cut fat and calories where you can, and I have a hard time discerning them from real beef). Frozen strawberries (for my non-fat smoothies, my evening treat). Non-fat yogurt. Romaine Lettuce Hearts. Mixed veggies. The other half of PR’s birthday present (The Deen Brother’s Cookbook, which I thought I had ordered from Amazon, but messed up). The A-1 (which I don’t use) can be fought over between Tink and PR, who love the stuff. Oh, and I did buy myself a treat of the Listerine Whitening. Of course, if I had read that it takes 12 weeks to do much of anything, I probably would have pocketed that $7 and left the product on the shelf. (Of course, Body For Life takes 12 weeks too… so…)

Still, since I’m doing nice things for myself, I figured I deserved it. I’ve decided to let my hair revert to as close to a natural colour as I can get it without being annoyingly grey. But I’m making a pledge to myself (and putting it in writing here) that I’m never going to go back to the person I was. I feel so much more alive, so… full of wonder for nature. I’m doing what I promised myself; I’m stepping away from the computer more, I’m getting out in the world more.

No fear, gentle reader, I’m not giving up blogging — you’ll just have to deal with longer rambling posts on a less frequent basis (LOL). You’ll also have to deal with me being stupidly optimistic.

You may have noticed that I said I did two different types of aerobic activities today — that wasn’t to make up for anything, nor was I doubling-up. It’s just that it was in the mid-70s today, there was a nice breeze, and I didn’t feel like being indoors. I mean, PR is down in Elizabeth City; Tink’s up at Busch Gardens with her family (it was delayed from yesterday for reasons I am not privy to, which is fine). Why should I continue to be a recluse? After walking from my house to the ‘rent’s house (2.25 miles), then taking a meandering, longer route home going through another sub-neighborhood I used to live in (pre-Shenandoah Forester), I made it back home (about 2.75 miles). Then, I really treated myself. If I’d had bubble bath, maybe. But I didn’t. So a long, cool shower where I pampered myself, including scalp therapy by Nioxin which felt sooooooooo good. I even did something I never do on weekends — I shaved. Our wonderful next door neighbors, Bookman & FormerActor, gave me a natural shaving lotion to use, which smells suspiciously like Pina Colada (which, if I liked coconut more, I guess would be a good thing), but it’s slicker than (pardon the expression) crap through a goose. It allows the razor to just glide over your skin, and helps give you a really close shave as well.

So, now I’m sitting here with my feet up, blogging. Life’s really good. For the first time, in quite a long time, I’m at peace with myself and my surroundings. I’m content, and since Roxette Bunny™ has snuggled up next to me, I guess I should go.

There’s just one thing missing…one thing… where is love?

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