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20 Apr

Six Weird Things

The Former Sister Mary Hasta has tagged anyone who hasn’t done this meme, and that would be me.

So, without further delay, six weird things about me.

1. I can make a parody of just about any song … on the fly. Some of my parodies even rival Weird Al’s best. No, I’m not kidding.

2. I always attempt to see the best in a person or situation … until they warrant otherwise. Some people don’t understand why I believe in them; my comment is that they will, in time.

3. I used to be deathly afraid of blood (of any type) — to the point of just seeing a raw steak on the counter would cause me to hurk. These days, I like my steaks Chicago style. (You know, wave it under the florescent light, put it on the plate, and serve it to me.) What brought the change? Watching a hog being slaughtered in the snow when I was about eight.

4. I have an immense, intense, unexplained affinity for Silver and Blue (that goes well beyond my nickname). Most of my wardrobe would be silver and blue if it were on sale … and we’re not talking pale blue or midnight blue. We’re talking burn the retinas out of your eyes sapphire blues, baby. I can’t explain when it first came into my realm of being liked, but it’s been that way for at least 20 years.

5. I have a lot more faith in other people than I do in myself. I’m trying to change it, but I find it easier to believe in someone else than in my own person. (I can hear the psychoanalysts now… ooh, honey! We can put a new porch on the house with this’n here!)

6. I believe in past lives, ghosts, hauntings, apparitions, and the like. I know I’ve been here before. I know I’ll be here again. It tends to irk the typical religious establishment to hold these beliefs, but that’s their problem.

Now, I’m supposed to tag people. Hmm. Tink, Revog, FencerScott, BoneCollector. That’s good enough. Tag. (And, oh. I found God. Now it’s my turn to hide!)

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