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20 Apr

Big news!

I won the Outstanding Staff Member of the year 2006-2007!!!! I knew I was in the running for it, but I’m floored to actually have been selected. Talk about a wonderful way to end the week!

20 Apr

I want a pair!

20 Apr

Six Weird Things

The Former Sister Mary Hasta has tagged anyone who hasn’t done this meme, and that would be me. So, without further delay, six weird things about me. 1. I can make a parody of just about any song … on the fly. Some of my parodies even rival Weird Al’s best. No, I’m not kidding. […]

20 Apr

Talk about coincidences…

It was two years to the day, yesterday, that I posted “New Medicines for Women” from Moonglow, and then yesterday, posted the same joke again (only with the visual conclusion) as forwarded by DMA1 without even knowing it. It showed up in my “Flashback” and that’s the only way I knew. Guess if it’s funny, […]

20 Apr

With my morning cawfee…™

Finally Friday Edition! Huzzah!!! Lots of things going on today — Tink and family are off to Busch Gardens for the day (it is 45 degrees now, on the way to the mid-to-upper 60s, so it looks like it’s gong to be a good day for them), while the rest of use are headed out […]

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