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15 Apr

TWTTEOSB 04-15-07

What can I say this time, which card shall I play?

Talk about an exciting, fun, frustrating, exhausting weekend.

First off, two wonderful people I love from my church married each other after seven years. Their lovely five year old daughter was flower girl; the bride’s parents (both ordained, practicing UCC ministers) officiated the service. Of course, the wedding was Friday at 6:30 p.m., after I had worked all day. PR was up almost all Thursday night making the wedding cake, etc. It was also his first time making Hot Virginia Dip, something he now knows how to do properly. Anyway, the party was over my 9:30 and we had the place set back to rights by 10.

The dream was never over…the dream was just away…

Saturday started with me hauling my butt over to the ‘rents and doing my cycling. I hit several new high points, and left with endorphins rushing, and slightly more an a little bit tired. PR and I trekked to Elizabeth City (it was the only time he was able to see his mom in the managed care facility), and then back up to Virginia, picked up everything at the Church (chaffing dishes, sodas, etc.), and headed over to HarleyMama’s and DiverDude’s, to set up for the reception for Sunday. Of course, with the weather being what it was, and is, we ended up rearranging everything, from the bride not getting married on the beach (the wind and the rain prevented that) to altering the time of the wedding (from 11 to 12:30) and rearranging the house to fit everyone indoors.

PR stayed up again all night baking and decorating the cake (which turned out gorgeous, if I so say so myself), while I spent a fitful night attempting to sleep, but waking up every 10-15 minutes. Not a good thing.

And you will fly like some little wing, straight back to the sun…

This morning, Mother Nature was ragging big time. PR had received a call in the middle of the night that DMA1’s mother passed away, so now he’s in charge of planning the funeral. In fact, he’s been asked to speak at said funeral, even though he only cursorily knew the woman. She didn’t go to church, and not many people knew her at all, so the family asked him to step up to the plate.

I went to HarleyMama’s & DiverDude’s about 9, bringing another round of Hot Virginia Dip and a pot of Sweet N Sour Meatballs. I also had to get ready to serve as impromptu photographer, while PR went off to Church to direct choir and get back and act as server at said wedding.

The bride and groom were beautiful, even though Mother nature was a bitch outside. The ceremony was awesome. They, too, had been together seven years before getting married (on the anniversary of the day they met). Quite touching, I have to admit. Harley, the dog, was the ring bearer, and there were two flower girls.

She remembers how good it can be….he remembers a melody

So, on top of it all, I finally was able, on Friday, to complete my birthday CDs, the track listing I will now reveal:

John’s 38th Birthday CD:
"Straight Back!"
Disc 1: My Fave Versions Disc 2: The Alternate Versions
1. Love Life – Alcazar 1. Love Life (Extended Version) – Alcazar
2. The Gift (Edit) – Gregorian 2. The Gift (Album Version) – Gregorian
3. Land of a Thousand Words – Scissor Sisters 3. Land of a Thousand Worlds (Junkie XL Version) – Scissor Sisters
4. Straight Back – Fleetwood Mac 4. Streets of Tomorrow (Album Version) – Carla Vallet
5. Streets of Tomorrow (City Nights Version) – Carla Vallet 5. Ooh La La (Phones Re-Edit) – Goldfrapp
6. Ooh La La (Album Version) – Goldfrapp 6. Like Fire Tonight (Radio Fire Mix) – Gunther & The Sunshine Girls
7. Like Fire Tonight (Extravagant Fire Mix) – Gunther & The Sunshine Girls 7. Trying To Get To You (Album Version) – Jason & deMarco
8. Trying To Get To You (L.E.X. Radio Edit) – Jason & deMarco 8. Left Outside Alone (Album Version) – Anastacia
9. Left Outside Alone (Jason Nevins Global Club Edit) – Anastacia 9. Hardcore Life (Stonebridge Version) – Nouveau Riche
10. Hardcore Life – Nouveau Riche 10. Somnambulist (Original Hit Edit) – BT feat J.C. Chasez
11. Somnambulist (Album version) – BT feat. J.C. Chasez 11. Such A Shame (Stan x-tended Mix) – Sandra
12. You Keep Me Hanging On 2006 – Kim Wilde feat. Nena 12. All Out of Love (Dance Radio Version) – Andru Donalds
13. Such A Shame (Radio Edit) – Sandra 13. This is Not Real Love (Moto Blanco Mix) – George Michael & Mutya
14. What If I? – Bosson 14. When The Party’s Over (Edit) – Bloom 06
15. All Out of Love (Album Version) – Andru Donalds 15. Someday (Extended Mix) – Alcazar
16. This Is Not Real Love – George Michael & Mutya Note: Straight Back, You Keep Me Hanging On 2006, What If I?, and If I Can Just Get Through the Night do not have alternate versions that I had knowledge of as of April 15, 2007.
17. If I Can Just Get Through The Night – Phoebe Snow
18. When The Party’s Over (Album Version) – Bloom 06
19. Someday (Single Edit) – Alcazar

More later. I need to do a few things around here and see how PR is faring back at the reception.

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