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13 Apr

TWTTEOSB 04-13-07

Progress!!! Orange is normally a colour that makes you look larger, and the angle this photo was taken isn’t the most flattering (sorry Mindy, but shooting UP at someone normally makes them look larger than they are) but… I don’t look like an entire field of pumpkin, nor do I look like the entire sunrise! […]

13 Apr

I want, I want, I WANT!

A watch that captures the essence of Titanic. Of course, with a price tag of 8K – 173K, what would one expect? I’m sure they’ll be beautiful watches, however.

13 Apr

With my morning cawfee…™

Ok, no more complaining about bad days — yesterday topped what I’ve gone through recently, so… moving on! It’s Friday, and unfortunately for some of my friends, it’s the end of their spring break (of course, they also work for a school system that sometimes gave students lunch at 9 in the morning), and they’re […]

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