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08 Apr

After Hours with Silver Blue™

Another weekend is over, almost time to turn in for the night.

It’s been a wonderful time, however, with my ‘rents making it back safely, after having much fun half a world away; a wonderful Easter Sunday filled with good friends and music; and most importantly, actually getting up from behind the computer and enjoying life. It has allowed me to appreciate the time I do spend behind the keys even more, even though there’s much less of it.

Years ago, when I was in therapy for a number of things (depression being one of them), my therapist suggested that I actually walk away from my computer (back in those days, it was simple emailing, designing “cookie cutter” websites with FrontPage, and listening to music), and reclaim my life. I did it, for a while, and it felt liberating. I didn’t miss the endless hours spent, illuminated only by the soft glow of my CRT while Sarah Brightman sang to me from the speakers. Then, of course, life changed, as it always does. I slipped back into old patterns, and before I knew it, it was August 2000 all over again.

Thanks but no thanks. That’s a time best left in the past and not relived. (Reviled, however, is a different matter altogether.)

So, instead of boring you with lots of useless stories, I’m going to put the final thought in this post, and I’m going to bed. Sweet dreams everyone.


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