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06 Apr

After hours with Silver Blue™

Still winding down after this week. It’s been crazy. In a good way, though. Step by step. Sometimes forward, sometimes backward. Sometimes giant leaps, sometimes baby steps. The important thing is that I’m not just sitting still any longer. It’s challenging. It’s refreshing. It’s frustrating. Patience is a virtue. As I am wont to say, […]

06 Apr

Deep Thought of the Evening

As seen on a church sign: Visit a graveyard and ask yourself, “What is important?”

06 Apr

TWTTEOSB 04-06-07

Evening. Mom and Dad are down to their final 3 1/2 hours in Hawaii before they start the long and tiresome trip home. They leave there at 11:30pm Eastern, and arrive on the east coast at 12:19pm Eastern. As Dad said, it’s a case of “back to life, back to reality…” I’m glad they had […]

06 Apr

Evening Humour

06 Apr

Bach wasn’t the only one to write a Fugue

Shamelessly lifted from Venomous Kate. I’ll give you a little Word Fugue™ to play. If you don’t know how to play, here are the rules, such as they are: 1. I start it off with a word. 2. You look at the most recently posted comment. 3. You leave the word — and only ONE […]

06 Apr

The value of 51 cents

Think you know the value of 51 cents? It has cost some people their jobs. When I was growing up, I was taught that loyalty to one’s job meant something. I was told not to change jobs too often, because it projected instability. Unfortunately, for workers in the Circuit City company, that is not the […]

06 Apr

Blame Coffeemate.

He got a song in my head, and so… Bring on the men. LOL. [Audio clip: view full post to listen] (Yeah, that’s Linda Eder discussing her culinary preferences.)

06 Apr

Hopping Around.

It’s a crazy day. No, really. No traffic on the way to work. I guess people took today off to go and visit relatives for Easter. The important thing right now in my life (other than the changes I’m making from the inside out) are my friends. You know who you are, even if you […]

06 Apr

With my morning cawfee…™

Morning everyone. It’s finally FRIDAY, the end of my work week. Mom and Dad return tomorrow. Imagine my surprise when I had two fresh Hawaiian Pineapples delivered to my house yesterday from Dole. I WONDER who could have done that. LOL. Moonglow has sent along an important Public Service Announcement that I feel the need […]

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