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01 Apr

Final Thought

An invention from West Virginia. They’re so advanced, aren’t they?

01 Apr

After Hours with Silver Blue™

Ok, so I’ve been a little more prolific with my blog posts over this weekend; let’s see if it may be a leap of faith into posts of substance. LOL. I wouldn’t bet on it. The best news of the evening, of course, was that Mom and Dad made it to Hawaii. So begins their […]

01 Apr

Some confidential prayer requests.

I have some friends that I’d like you to include in your prayers: one is dealing with depression and needs prayers for healing. As someone who has dealt with the debilitation that depression can cause, my heart goes out to you. Another one of my friends is suffering from migraines brought on by the changes […]

01 Apr

TWTTEOSB 04-01-07

Well, today is supposed to be my “free day” where I’m free to eat anything I want to (after all, I walked a mile today, and plan on doing some additional biking this evening), but since I just started the program yesterday (and much to some people’s chagrin, I chose not to wait until MONDAY […]

01 Apr

With my morning cawfee…™

Damn 4:30 came early today, but I got the ‘rents to the airport for their “honeymoon” (which I they didn’t get in 1968 due to lack of money and with dad being in the military)…in fact, I just received a phone call that they just landed in Cincinnati, on their way to Hawaii. (I didn’t […]

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