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29 Mar

It’s a dark day…

CNN says beef prices on the rise, mainly due to an increase in the demand for ethanol, produced by corn, with provides less reasonably priced feed for livestock.

Then why the HELL are gas prices nearing their record high again? Fuel prices went up due to the conversion to Ethanol. Now, a slight hiccup in the system (which sent oil prices surging before they fell, in the same day), has sent prices at my local convenience mart up yet another dime a gallon.

Sorry, but I can’t believe a five-hour spike in price caused a dime a gallon increase.

I’m not saying we don’t need fuel alternatives; we do. But there is a limited amount of space to grow corn. Corn is used as feed for animals and humans. To cause a drop in availability only goes to show one thing:

We’re only robbing Peter to pay Paul by taking a trip down this slippery slope.

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