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29 Mar

After hours with Silver Blue™

Survivor went as I would have hoped this evening, with Rocky being voted off (sorry if you’re on the West Coast and haven’t seen it yet). He was a total ass and needed to have been voted off a long, long time ago. Certain people need to learn that things they say that they think […]

29 Mar

TWTTEOSB 03-29-07

Gawd, where to begin? There’s so much insanity going on that I’m not so sure I can sort it out. What with being overcharged by $40 (excuse me, price I was quoted and promised was $299, not $339, and just because I wasn’t there when you rung the thing up doesn’t mean that I wasn’t […]

29 Mar

It’s a dark day…

CNN says beef prices on the rise, mainly due to an increase in the demand for ethanol, produced by corn, with provides less reasonably priced feed for livestock. Then why the HELL are gas prices nearing their record high again? Fuel prices went up due to the conversion to Ethanol. Now, a slight hiccup in […]

29 Mar

Today’s thought before I head out the door…

Forwarded to me by HappyChef… Life is short: Break the rules, Dance freely, Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably, and never regret anything that made you smile.

29 Mar

With my morning cawfee…™

From the sounds coming from the Shenandoah Forester this morning, you’d swear we were either infested with a gaggle of WaWa (from the honking going on) or by Moose (from the various trumpeting). What’s going on? Allergies. Between sneezing and blowing our noses, all three of us have it today. Of course, it clears up […]

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