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28 Mar

Final Thought

I’d say move along. Beware of demon dog!

28 Mar

After Hours with Silver Blue™

Wow. I am in PAIN. Three printers went in location today, each weighing in about 85 pounds. Of course, when you need help, people are always in different areas. Either that, or the locations the printers had to go made it impossible for more than one person to handle them. It’s over. Which is good. […]

28 Mar

Now there’s a rumour around the world…

That I just MAY have made my 38th Birthday CD. That the title just MAY be “Straight Back!” That it MAY contain 19 songs. That it MAY have one artist twice. That it MAY contain all new tracks, never before on previous birthday CDs. That it MAY actually run 80:32 in length. That it MAY […]

28 Mar

With my morning cawfee…™

The expected thunderstorms last night obviously didn’t arrive. Stuff looks dry outside (as much as I can see in the near darkness, illuminated only by the yellow of the mercury vapor street lamps), and it’s 63, which isn’t that much of a drop from yesterday. I get Mother Nature is going to pummel us today. […]

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