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25 Mar

After Hours with Silver Blue™

Tink says I should rename this category to “The Evening Nightcap”. I can somewhat agree with her… but that also would mean that, like the Morning Cawfee, that I’d be having the evening libation… which might not be such a bad thing. Getting back home and returning to normal while preparing to go back to […]

25 Mar

TWTTEOSB 03-25-07

The past 72 hours have been bizarre. The people I’ve met at the various shoppes, restaurants, and bistros are to be thanked. Especially Claire at this morning’s breakfast. I’m trying to think of who she reminds me of — what I don’t have to think about to remember is her comment about having waffles and […]

25 Mar

A vacation cut short…

…but for reason. We basically did every major city short of Roanoke this weekend, from Winchester to Waynesboro, Luray, Alexandria, Arlington, Richmond, Williamsburg, etc. Had a great time going through the Luray Caverns. Was disappointed at the price of entry into the Shenandoah National Forest ($15?? For what?), and ended up at Potomac Mills. Dinner […]

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