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23 Mar

Final Thought

23 Mar


Thanks Tink. I just found out that the Warner Bros. Bananarama catalgoue: Deep Sea Skiving Bananarama True Confessions WOW! Pop Life Greatest Hits Please Yourself have ALL been remastered, with extra bonus tracks included that I do not own. 7×15=$105. Plus shipping. Looks like I’ve got some new CDs to be on the look out […]

23 Mar

After hours with Silver Blue™

As if I haven’t been prolific enough today with the post from the middle of nowhere, in addition to the posts yesterday, I return with yet another installment of my life. Tink commented that obviously I had grown up in cities, as most small towns are as I described in my past post. Allow me […]

23 Mar

Greetings from the middle of nowhere.

Guess what? I’m in Luray, Virginia, where the sidewalks roll up after 7pm. Well, there appears to be a congregation of teenagers in the local supermarket parking lot (well, when there’s no mall, where do you anticipate they would congregate? The graveyard? Let me not give suggestions…LOL!). Outside the hotel window there is a Tastee […]

23 Mar

With my morning cawfee…™

I’ll do anything, I’ll go anywhere…. Streets of tomorrow… Good morning everyone. Packing is almost done. The open road awaits. Actually, I’m really looking forward to this trip, more so than I have trips in recent memory. I may or may not be in a technology free zone (most hotels now offer free HSIA, unless […]

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