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19 Mar

Listen to the warped sense of reality.

From CNN.com, regarding a Polar bear in a German Zoo:

Cuddly polar bear cub better off dead, activist says

Here’s the activist’s point of view:

Albrecht told The Associated Press his beliefs were more nuanced than reported by Bild, though he applauded the debate the article had started.

He explained that though he thought it was wrong of the zoo to have saved the cub’s life, now that the bear can live on his own, it would be equally wrong to kill him.

“If a polar bear mother rejected the baby, then I believe the zoo must follow the instincts of nature,” Albrecht said. “In the wild, it would have been left to die.”

Take and substitute “polar bear” with “infant” and “zoo” with “society”.

“If an infant’s mother rejected the baby, the I believe society must follow the instincts of nature,” ______ said. “In the wild, it would have been left to die.”

Being that Polar Bears are endangered, it makes sense to try to save as many as possible, especially when they were born in captivity.

I think that Mr. Albrecht needs to get his senses about him before he goes firing his mouth off. He probably should look into a vasectomy as well, so that his stupidty doesn’t cascade out of his puddle in the gene pool.

Sorry, I’m rarely this pissed off, but to call yourself an activist, and yet promote the death of an animal over their survival, even with human intervention, seems to be more than just a tad bit twisted and wrong.

5 Responses to “Listen to the warped sense of reality.”

  1. 1
    marie Says:

    i feel that this polar bear has a had a second chance at a good life

    wheather his mother rejected him or not i think the zoo did the right thing in saving his life

    hats off to the zoo for wanting to save an animal

    you know the animal rights activist say they are for the aniaml but they are not for if they where for the animal they would not want to have him killed

    if he does not have to be put in the wild then let him live his life out in captivity around people who will love him and care for him he is a wild animal yes but he will have his instincts to and that is what is good


  2. 2
    mary j Says:

    this cub deserves a chance at life. and if it means being raised by humans then let him.
    remember klondike and snow- the 2 polar bear cubs at the denver zoo? they were raised by humans when rejected by their mother. and now are healthy and happy at a theme park in florida.

  3. 3
    Jacqueline Says:

    It might make sense “to leave it to nature” if polar bears weren’t indangered, and drowning from globle warming! Also, the mother is in captivity, what nature is he talking about?

  4. 4
    Ben Says:

    If the bear is being released back into the wild, I doubt it would survive without the training of its mother. If this is the case, it would be shameful to release the animal back into the wild. From what I have read online, the bear would be kept by the zoo, and raised for breeding purposes. That makes sense. The so called activist, who wants the zoo to kill the bear, is ridiculous. If he thinks that the zoo should kill the animal, rather than try to raise and breed an endangered specie, he should have his head examined. I can’t believe he claims to be an animal activist.

  5. 5
    Ricquel Says:

    How can you call yourself an “animal rights activist” if you advocate their death. The polar bear is endangered and any humane method of maintianing their species should be applauded and rewarded, not condemned. I totally agree with your analogy of an infant and society. What it all comes down to is this guy seems to be into killing animals not prolonging their life.
    Please, help save this poor animal.

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