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08 Mar

Final Thought

Extremely tired. Didn’t do Survivor tonight. Am posting this now so I can go back to bed. Talk to you tomorrow.

08 Mar

When following a “business model” doesn’t make sense

As humans, we naturally resist change. I do, I know you do as well. So when the local newspaper changes, emotions run hot. Only is it uncalled for? Not really. Newspapers are like websites. They are in the eyeball market. If you don’t read, revenue drops. The problem is “cost savings”. I have seen a […]

08 Mar

With my morning cawfee…™

Not a lot on my mind today; the slumber I’d hope for last night turned in to a dark, dream-deprived void. I did get a bit of rest out of it, but the night passed too quickly. If it were not for obligations today, I might have considered taking the day and recuperating. Alas, as […]

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