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27 Feb

With my morning cawfee…™

Ok, as promised, here I am all shiny and clean and fresh from the shower, sitting down to share some morning thoughts before the day starts:

I went over to Lady Who Counts’ house last night to work on her wireless network. While the features are located in different locations in Vista, it still was relatively painless. I wasn’t able to get the Bubblejet printer working correctly with the USB-Parallel cable, but that was minor. Afterwards, we went to a wonderful little Bistro, “Bardo”, where thank goodness the tapas are more Indian in flavour and less Chinese. LOL. Especially with it being Lent and such.

Great conversation ensued, but there was some interesting tidbits gleaned as well. Like the comment “I was running late this morning; I barely had time to eat my piece of cherry pie for breakfast before I had to go pick up … to go …”

Uhm… Cherry Pie for breakfast? Sign me up! But why? It appears that supposedly cherry juice or cherry pie helps with some types of arthritis. I hadn’t a clue.

There was a diverse crowd in the restaurant last night — from the two lesbian couples to our left, the two straight couples behind us, the gay couple to our right, and the table of eight lawyers having a “power dinner”, also behind us.

Some people need to learn how to order tapas, however. You don’t do it all at once. You order it two or three dishes at a time so they come out hot and you can enjoy them before they get cold. Especially when you’re dining at a table for 2. The more people, the more dishes you order at once.

In further news about the murdered woman, it appears that her husband had been having multiple affairs, not just with her best friend, but a man as well. As such, she had thrown him out of the house, told him to break it off with the man or his she would be reporting it. Since he was a Lieutenant in the Navy, that would, under current “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” regulations, have been the end of his career. So he decided it was to be the end of her, I would assume. All I can think of is their four year old daughter, who was the light in her mother’s eyes.

We’re back to freezing again temperature wise; why couldn’t it be snowing? The thing that concerns me most is that with as dry, “warm” winter we’ve had, that we’re really going to be in for it come hurricane season this year. Especially since all the snow has been missing us, hitting North Carolina, and DC/North. It’ll be sure to put all that “new construction” to the test. Including the high rises, which always have glass damage in hurricanes.

Well, time for me to get going. It’s Tuesday. Another day at work, then off to fix another wireless network problem, and finally dinner with the “Mafia”.

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