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27 Feb

After Hours with Silver Blue™

Additional photos will be going online tomorrow — since I’m on the wireless downstairs, I think I’m excused for not uploading tonight. Met another “part time” member of the Racquetball Mafia tonight; we’ll call him SSID. Nice guy. Keyed Up, RadioMan, PR, and Realtor Guy also had dinner; I’m dragging though…it’s been a long day […]

27 Feb

One of my lucky numbers is 39

and so I’ve upped the page previews on the book to 39. The quality of the print is far superior to the low quality previews shown online (Picture Lady, who has seen the book, can vouch for it, as can BoneCollector). I’m feeling like all my energy has been zapped from me today…I really don’t […]

27 Feb

With my morning cawfee…™

Ok, as promised, here I am all shiny and clean and fresh from the shower, sitting down to share some morning thoughts before the day starts: I went over to Lady Who Counts’ house last night to work on her wireless network. While the features are located in different locations in Vista, it still was […]

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