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26 Feb

Final Thought

I’ll save my thoughts for my morning cawfee…here’s your visual for the evening. Language potentially NSFW.

26 Feb

Stop the insanity!

No, I’m not channeling Susan Powter, I’m talking about the insanity that happens when people don’t completely read their email. I’m also discussing the insanity that ensues when you attempt to type something in Micro$hit Word and then export it to a web page. Even after allowing Dreamweaver to strip out most of the extraneous […]

26 Feb

With my morning cawfee…™

Now that things appear to be back on even footing, here’s the cover of the book I couldn’t upload last night. Some books just need to watch their titles, or how they’re listed. Such as this classic. (Link potentially NSFW.) Anyway, I didn’t bother to watch the Academy Awards last night simply because there really […]

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