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25 Feb

It can’t bring her back…

but the murdered woman’s husband turned himself in. Considering that he is the prime suspect in her death (and the scum was having an affair with her best freind!), it’s good to know that at least he’s not out roaming the streets. My heart goes out to everyone who has lost someone to a senseless […]

25 Feb

Oh! Something else…

In case you were suffering from an inability to sleep, as I was this morning, you may have noticed that The Ramblings and its family of hosted blogs (Daniel over at A Question of Honour, Jonathan at Clowns at Tangelos, Tink at Flitting Here and There, as well as some that are hosted by my […]

25 Feb

The long and winding rant, part II

If I piss anyone off with this post, I apologize, but I need to get it out so that I don’t blow up and say additional things that may or may not need to be expressed. I’ve holed myself up in my room because for the first time in 3 months, PR has decided to […]

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