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20 Feb

Final Thought

Went and took about 300 photos tonight trying to get dusk shots right and neon. Ate at the Red Dog this evening. Is it just me, or is one member of our dining group getting more and more bizarre? Final thought after the jump. You were warned.

20 Feb

Your insanity of the day

From here: http://news.com.com/Electric+Slide+on+slippery+DMCA+slope/2100-1030_3-6156021.html?tag=nefd.top ‘Electric Slide’ on slippery DMCA slope ‘Electric Slide’ on slippery DMCA slope The inventor of the “Electric Slide,” an iconic dance created in 1976, is fighting back against what he believes are copyright violations and, more importantly, examples of bad dancing. Kyle Machulis, an engineer at San Francisco’s Linden Lab, said he […]

20 Feb

Firedrills and good weather.

For whatever reason we had a fire alarm pulled, at least it was good weather for it. Otherwise, I would have had to go upside someone’s head. Like the time someone pulled it and it was storming outside. Everyone grabbed what was important. Of course, my camera had to go with me. LOL. Still trying […]

20 Feb

Introducing a new reader of the blog

who actually is going to get a nickname now: CoffeeMate. LOL. It was great spending a couple minutes during a fire drill today chatting about my old stomping grounds up in Williamsburg. Welcome aboard!

20 Feb

With my morning cawfee…™

Yesterday had proved itself to be quite burdensome, as the warehouse at work has changed its rules once again without informing ANYONE, and so I had 94 boxes of computers to unload and bring in the building. If it hadn’t been for FourName, my coworker, I’d really have been up the creek. O when the […]

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