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18 Feb

Final Thought

Who says nuns don’t know how to have fun?

18 Feb

After Hours with Silver Blue™

The day is done, and for that I am grateful. Church was good today — it being Transfiguration Sunday and everything. There was an anointing at the end of service which I’m not sure the congregation knew how to take. It was good, however, and what I think a number of us needed. Afterwards, it […]

18 Feb

Quote of the evening.

“Don’t let someone be your priority while you are merely their option.”

18 Feb

With my morning cawfee…™

My sinuses have decided they don’t like this cold weather. When I blow my nose… well, just…. EWWW. But other than that, life’s good. Not sure what’s going on today… but I hope it will allow me a little more downtime. 🙂 You know how I talk about, from time to time, about how ghosts […]

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