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10 Feb

Final Thought

Yeah, went to see Pump Boys & Dinettes tonight. It wasn’t what I expected from a professional performance group. More like community theatre. More to say, but I’m still not well, so I’m going to bed. Here’s your final thought:

10 Feb

Pretty much useless to you…

…but I’ve added yet another tracker on the bottom right — to track the music I listen to. You may just be surprised at some of the things you see. Or maybe you won’t. LOL.

10 Feb

With my moring cawfee…™

Sorry that the cawfee is a bit late this morning; not only is it as cold as the proverbial witches appendage in a brass support garment, I’ve been up and down most of the night. Not overly bad, but I woke up with every creek in the house. (Philip, Harry & Mildred, BEHAVE, dammit!) So, […]

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