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06 Feb

Absurd? Very. But there’s rationale behind it.

Click here.

Be sure to read it carefully. What it’s basically doing is stating that if fundies want to use the “gay people can’t procreate, so they can’t marry” argument, then ANY marriage must be used for procreation, and if, within 3 years, the couple has not procreated, the marriage is annulled.

Makes sense to me. Can’t be talking out of both sides of your mouth, can you?

2 Responses to “Absurd? Very. But there’s rationale behind it.”

  1. 1
    Michelle Says:


    So I guess infertile couples are out of luck as well, according to the Supreme Court. No need for them to get married either.

  2. 2
    Silver Blue Says:

    Exactly, Michelle. While I don’t expect this initiative to go very far, I think it actually does highlight the fact that marriage doesn’t need to be just “about pumpin’ out youngin’s”. God knows, when I was engaged, years ago, my fiance and I decided we didn’t want children. That was a decision she and I made together. Neither of us felt we were ready for them, and being that she had practically raised her younger brother, she didn’t want the responsibilitiy. We were going to get a cat. (No joke there.)

    I guess that marriage fro love, support, and companionship isn’t good enough (at least for the conservative courts). Add to the face that some states are trying to prevent unmarried people from owning a house together or even renting an apartment, and you’ll see why I’m slowing becoming jaded and cynical, thinking we’d all be better off as hermits.

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