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06 Feb

After Hours with Silver Blue™

Welcome to another installment from the land where Meteorologists should be whapped with a pointed stick. We’re supposed to get at least a dusting of snow tonight. Pardon me for being jaded, but I ain’t believing it until it happens. After a long day, getting my picture taken with Cynthia Cooper (the auditor who blew […]

06 Feb

Absurd? Very. But there’s rationale behind it.

Click here. Be sure to read it carefully. What it’s basically doing is stating that if fundies want to use the “gay people can’t procreate, so they can’t marry” argument, then ANY marriage must be used for procreation, and if, within 3 years, the couple has not procreated, the marriage is annulled. Makes sense to […]

06 Feb

With my morning cawfee…™

Wow. It’s …. effin COLD out there! 12 degrees, boys and girls. Cold enough to freeze ice on the sidewalk. (Hell, why is it that people go “it’s hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk” but they never take the opposite approach?) Up north, as Neil was so kind to interject, it’s 11 […]

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