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29 Jan

A Major Shout-Out

To StreetGlo.Net who make all sorts of Automobile/Biker/Boat reflective decals and more. They’ve provided me a couple to put on Saffyre (the most AWESOME “Silver Blue”), and as soon as I can get them installed, I’ll be snapping shots and putting them on line.

Visit them and see what they can do for you!

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  1. 1
    Picture Lady Says:

    Bill said hne would put the decal on for you if you want on Thursday. Let me know. Dannell

  2. 2
    Bill Aggie Says:

    Hello… no need to wait on that. If you happen to drop by I’ll be happy to install the decal for you. Did you see it yet at night? It is made with safety reflective stock and that silver/blue should reflect quite well.

    If you decide to install it yourself, go and look at the decal installation videos at http://www.streetglo.net or a shortcut would be http://www.streetglo.info and look at the truck/boat decal installation video.

    In a nutshell, mix up a solution of 1 cup water and about 10 drops of palmolive. Use this to float the decal in place getting all of it soaking wet. Squeegee out the air and water bubbles and then just wait a while and the applicaiton membrane will start to soften and you can pull it off. In cold or wet weather, this can take a while, but it will let go. If that’s not something you are comfortable with, just stop by and I’ll put it on for you in a snap.

    How did you like it? It took a while to cut out the letters like that but I wanted to make something unusual for ya!

    Let me know when you photograph it, ok? Do it before dark but after sundown and use a flash. You need some surrounding lighting or the reflective lettering will wash out as it’s too bright for the camera to register. But if you catch the right lighting, that decal will look great.


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