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26 Jan

After Hours with Silver Blue™

It may not be after 9pm, but I’m calling it after hours with me anyway. 🙂 What a long, strange day it’s been, with certain people overstepping their boundaries, making enemies, and the like. I’m glad I was able to hold my tongue and keep my wits. Traffic was a bear this afternoon, even though […]

26 Jan

Through The Eyes of Silver Blue – THE BOOK

Now available for purchase. Click here. (That loud noise? It was me, exhaling, glad that it’s all over, at least until 2009.)

26 Jan

Off Colour Humour

So if you’re easily offended, don’t go past the jump.

26 Jan

With my morning cawfee…™

Well, from what I could see as I flipped through the final edits to the book last night, it looks like I wans’t too bad of a writer. LOL. Wnet to Picture Lady & Household Name’s afterwards and loaded their iPod and had some delicious beef roast. It’s funny …. we started talking about various […]

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