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14 Jan

After Hours With Silver Blue (01-14-07)

Well, the batteries have been replaced in the chimes which are now serenading me as I type to you, my few but faithful readers. Music wise my life has taken another turn, this time rediscovering Sandra Cretu, who had her first hit with (I’ll Never Be) Maria Magdalena 22 years ago. It’s also a rare […]

14 Jan

Music of the Night

THIS IS NOT REAL LOVE lyrics – George Michael and Mutya (Mutya was a member of the UK group “Sugarbabes”) George: Don’t kiss me, darling I want you to hear the things I say I loved you in my way But you know I’m gonna leave you Mutya: The clock was always ticking And your […]

14 Jan

Let’s just call it an unspoken request, okay?

I’d rather not talk about the reasons behind it, but please keep me in your prayers. Lots of stuff is going on and I’m really not wanting to think about it, etc. Yeah, I’m a tad bit in denial. But hey, since it’s not fatal (well, life is fatal — you can’t get out of […]

14 Jan

I’ve said it before…

…and I’ll say it again. Clock-watchers have no place in church. God gives you 168 hours a week. You feel that you can’t give more than one hour back? So much so that you actually tell the pastor that he was too long winded after the service because “the church is used to getting out […]

14 Jan

With My Morning Cawfee…™ (01-14-07)

Well, Tylenol took the edge off. I’m able to have my eyes open without wishing a had the ability to shoot laserbeams out of them to destroy anything producing light and/or making noise. I’ll make one statement on a subject wihtout naming the whos or wheres: sometimes, you need to be careful what you pray […]

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